Here at Topper’s, we’ve got our boots in the dirt and our heads in the cordon wires. Our mission is to create wines that embody the truest expression of our unique terroir. In this way, we like to think of ourselves as explorers, kitting up every vintage to dive deeper into the unchartered territories of our terroir. We invite you to join us on this expedition, as we believe life and its simple pleasures (wine being at the top of our list), are better shared.

At Topper’s Mountain we are more than grape growers and winemakers – we are explorers. We seek to understand, support and protect the precious terroir we have the privilege of working with. The deeper we submerge to our terroir the more we realize that it’s a never-ending journey full of ups and downs as well as passion and excitement. We invite you to join us on this expedition of discovery from our vines to your glass.